Ola's 12th birthday

24 September 2010

Ola's birthday was on the 19th... OMGlitter she's 12!

Ola is a female wire fox terrier, who was adopted from a local shelter in Feb. 2010. She was 11 years old, with several chronic health problems, and in serious need of a bubble bath! Because of her age, she was free (since nobody wanted an old pooch like her.)

Now, she's in wonderful health for her age (still has a sensitive hip, but it's much improved!) she's a healthy weight (almost blubbery) and has regained a playful and energetic joie-de-vivre!

For her 12th birthday, Ola wore a special pink crown (she was surprisingly agreeable about it!) and had a delcious mini birthday cake, smothered in stinky gravy... fit for a princess!

Happy Birthday, Ola ! <3

3 New Collages

14 September 2010

Yesterday was a busy day! I did three new artworks, each a collage, using pages from an old English dictionary.

This is the first time I've used dictionary pages in artworks, and I must say, I love it! In the past, I have hand-written word deffinitions into collages, but being able to rip-and-snip right from the book was a fun and fascinating process.

I chose some words that I liked... some are personal to me, and some are just things that I liked the look of, or the sound of. I tried to enorporate a few of the book's illustrations, here and there, too.

"Garden of Knowledge" was the first

Followed by "cof'fee n."

And then "Scorpion" (which was actually created on the 13th, which I think is spiffy!)

Mamut loves spanks (RIP the Queen of Everything!)

04 September 2010

Mamut... I miss you already!

It's ofiicial: Today SUCKS.

First Kira San... and now Mamut, the family cat.

I just heard, my mother-in-law took Mamut to the vet for The Big Sleep...

She was being treated for a severe bite on her neck, and today she was diagnosed with feline AIDS. The infection in her neck bite spread to her liver, and her white blood cell count was almost nil. Poor sweet kitty.

We will miss you Mamut, the Queen of Everything!

I'm going to find a big rock, climb under it, and hide until tomorrow.
Today has just been too fucking sad.

Kira San : Happy Travels and Rest in Peace

So strange.
I just did his portrait a few days ago...
Yesterday, I posted a blog about it...
This morning, he's gone.

Kira San died quickly and peacefully this morning, under his water bottle. It looked like he got up, had a drink, and then curled up in the corner for a bath and a nap (as he often does after a water sip.) Lucien noticed that he was still, not breathing. When I picked him up, he was still warm, and there were no signs of blood, urine, or struggle. We think Death came quickly, plucked his spirit, and vanished.

Kira San's neck had been crooked for about 2 months. We suspected a stroke, but when I felt his neck this morning, I could feel a little boney bump. It seems he had broken it (probably from jumping off his box or his cube... that little acrobat!) Although his head was tilted, he ate, drank, dug, ran, and fussed around as usual, and didn't seem to be in pain. He adjusted, and his hamstery business went on as it always had.

He had his 2nd birthday in April, so in hamster-years, Kira San was about 88 years old. (His breed, Roborovski dwarf, lives 2 - 3 years.)

Happy Travels across the Universe, and Rest in Peace, funny old man!
You're probably off chasing your sister, Bianca, across the stardust of the Milky Way.
We'll always love you, Kira San, little puff of light.

Whimsical Animals

03 September 2010

This week's lesson of Tamara Laporte's World of Whimsy 2 workshop has been so inspiring! We've been making funny little animals... I had such a great time discovering new ways of making little fuzzy critter people!

"Kira San"
watercolour, acrylic, and graphite on paper
10 x 15 cm

This is a portrait of my white-faced Roborovski dwarf hamster, Kira San (his name is Japanese, and it means Mr. Light)... he's crazy about peanuts, as you can see!

I used some metalic gold acrylic paint that, sadly, didn't want to show up properly in the photos. The actual painting has a golden gossimer shimmer.

"Drummer Bunny"
acrylic, graphite, and collage/ink transfer on wood
15 x 15 cm

"Drummer Bunny" is the first painting I've ever done on wood... although I was intimidated at the start, I really got into it, and now I'm certain I'll be doing more wood-based artworks in the days to come.

This is also the first time I've successfully managed an ink transfer! I used some of the music sheets, which I transfered onto the acrylic paint layers with acrylic gel medium, leaving a few bits of the paper during the rubbing-off phase of the transfer, because I really liked the subtle grunginess it created, giving a slight textural collaged effect to the background.

This painting was inspired by someone I know... it's a sort of imagined and whimsified portrait. I love the way it turned out; it really makes me smile (^_^)

"hello Mr. Zebra"
acrylic paint, watercolour, graphite, coloured pencil, in pen, collage/ink transfer, glitter on paper
10 x 15 cm

I finished this one last night... I'm loving these animals! (^_^)<3

This painting is an illustration of the Tori Amos song, "Mr. Zebra"

The lyric is: "Hello Mr. Zebra, can I have your sweater? 'cause it's cold, cold, cold in my hole, hole, hole..."

I used the sheet music from the song in the background.

Layers upon layers of acrylic paint, watercolours, coloured pencil, acrylic medium ink transfer, collage, and glitter. (Sadly the lavender glitter doesn't show up in the scan, it looks blackish-greyish... the whole painting is shimmering with it, as well as green glitter in her eyes, and iridescent glitter on the "bubbles")

This is the first time I've tried the bubble-wrap technique. I think it worked well. (even better than I had expected!) Overall, I'm really pleased with how the whole piece turned out. It went through a few "disasterous" phases before I got the colours just as I wanted them, so I'm glad I stuck with it!