"30 Random Facts"

04 March 2011

I was tagged on Facebook (hi Jeanne!) to answer 30 random facts about myself...

It was a while ago, several months (omg, where does the time go?!) since I was tagged, and I didn't get to answer it right away. I did think about these 30 random facts quite a bit, so I suppose they are "Random and Pre-Meditated".

It's a fun little game, but it's also an interesting introspective and slightly existential exercersize. I'm a human being, which makes me ridiculously complex, and yet having to come up with 30 facts about myself was a bit daunting at the start. It's like looking in the mirror, really looking, and having to acknowledge and explain what you see. No glancing!

Some of these facts are from the surface, and some are from the depths, but all of them are true:

1. Violet, purple everything ... j'adore.

2. I'm a "double-Libra" (Libra Sun and Rising), I have a Capricorn Moon and a Scorpio Mercury.

3. "The Secret of NIMH" changed my life. It opened my eyes to the atrocities of animal testing.

4. Brian Froud is a personal hero of mine. I am in awe of his work, and his communication with the faerie realm.

5. Vanilla everything ... although chocolate is awesome, it's partly because chocolate has vanilla in it.

6. I drink tea. Black, green, and herbal. No sugar. No milk.

I drink coffee. Black. No sugar. Sometimes soy or hazelnut milk.

7. Two tattos : 1 animal, 1 plant

8. I've been to 29 of the 50 US States. I've lived in 2 of them (Ohio & California.)

9. I'm an EWF, and have been since 1994. I heard "God" and have been in sonic love ever since. I've seen Tori Amos live three times (UTP, FTCGH, and 5 1/2 Weeks). Totally spiritual, walking in with the crowd, pilgrims, unified. The house lights go down, and I cried at every concert.

10. Severe and Chronic Arachnaphobia. I'm getting better... a little bit... but we will always be enemies.

11. I'm a "cat person" but I've only had a cat once in my life, and then, only breifly. It seems my lot in life to live with "not cat people." (But I love the doggies, too!)

12. I don't like birds in cages. Birds inside a home disturb me... a bird in the house is an omen of death... and besides, they can't fly in a cage.

13. I'm a bit like a magpie... oooo shiney things! I'm a sucker for jewelry.

14. Glitter. On everything. In everything. It's totally infested my home... and I couldn't be happier about that!

15. In Chinese astrology, I'm a Yang Metal Monkey - Earth Dog - Dragon

16. I love Italian (sometimes difficult, being vegan,) and Indian cuisine. I put garlic in just about everything. (Never in cake though, don't worry!)

17. I have arthritis, a mashed up knee, and dislocated bones in my spine and ankle. The rain and I are not friends, and I don't do inclines well at all.

18. I'm not very clever with math. I'm even less clever with chemistry. I'm a terrible speller. But I can draw just about anything! (expect mechanical things... that might as well be math and chemistry.)

19. I have regrets... but when I'm feeling remorse and regret, I just remind myself that every action, every choice, everything that has happened in the past has helped to make me who I am today, and has played it's part in setting me on this current path. If I changed even one event, the house of cards would tumble.

20. I'm a diest, and I don't think that "god" is a personality, sitting up in heaven or on the top of a mountain, watching and listening, and taking part in our lives. I think of "god" in terms of the Tao and of Nature. Energy is eternal, but the consciousness of the Universe is much more complex than that of one individual being, or pantheon of beings, for that matter. I think the pantheons describe and manifest qualities of ourselves, of nature, of the Universe, but they are just representations, just characters, and models, to help us understand and explain not only the Universe, but also ourselves. We are a way for the Universe to know itself.

21. I do believe in faeries. If you think that's corny, that's too bad for you. :P

22. I like red wine, rosé, and sweet white wine. I also drink absinthe, and contrary to it's odious reputation, it does not cause madness. Newer studies have shown that it's actually the high levels of alcohol, rather than the miniscule content of the wormwood, that caused mental and physical problems for the absinthe drinkers of yesteryear. It's like any other liquer or grain alcohol : moderation is key.

23. I'm a Trekkie, married to a Trekkie. It's like being shipwrecked on nerd paradise!

24. I'm a natural redhead. It used to be spiral-curly, but a few years ago, it went straight. It's a mystery! (I think maybe it's because of the minerals in the water over here.)

25. I don't have kids. I'm not going to have kids. That's my business, and my right, so will the rest of the world please lay off already?! What, there's a shortage of humans? There's a global need for me to procreate so that humanity doesn't die off? . . . Yeah, I thought not.

26. Carey Grant and Gary Oldman are two of my favourite actors.

27. Neil Gaiman, Federico Garcia Lorca, and Barbara G. Walker are three of my favourite authors.

28. I love a good murder mystery! The best part is figuring out who did it. (fuck you, Agatha Christie!)

29. I've been reading Tarot since I was 14.

30. I make wishes on stars, and clocks that say 11:11, and birthday candles.

And now I've tagged you, dear reader, to post 30 Random Facts about yourself on your blog. (^_^) Get out those mirrors, and start blogging!

Albino Faerie WIP... part 2

So it seems she's coming along more smoothly now... wow, she can be so temperamental! She started behaiving better after I resketched Mr. Mouse and added a few butterflies and moths; I guess she likes their company (^_^)

I started working on the background and the border, both coming along a bit slowly, but I'm going to add more details into the border, and I feel that once I get started on the pattern, it's going to pick-up the pace.

I wonder what's in the box . . . ? ? ! !