(Hello again!) Illustrations for "Even Odd"

18 May 2013

It's been ages... yeah, a reeeeally long time (has it really flown by so fast?!) I always mean to post about the art I'm working on, and then life happens and I get caught up in a tidal wave of schtuff... well, I'm here now! At last! With NEW DRAWINGS! (...yay!)

So my mom is writing a new book (go mom!) and she's asked me to do the illustrations (exciting!) The book, titled Even Odd is about the historical, cultural, and spiritual significance of numbers.

I'm no mathematical wizard (lol... yeah, I'm mathematically challenged, I can admit it; I own it) but I do share my mom's fascination with the symbolic and historical significance of numbers, so I was really happy to get on board with this project. Since it's covering a vast territory of cultures and periods of history, there's a lot of variety in the images (the spice of life, yum yum!) so I'm curious to see where they will take me, pen in hand.

The book will be in black-and-white (as opposed to our previous collaboration, Garden of Illumination, which is full-colour,) so I've opted for ink pen as my companion on this illustrating adventure. Just a simple pen, a ball-point writing pen, to make loads of hatching/cross-catching, and a strong, focused contour line. Mom and I discussed the look of the drawings, and we both agreed on a sort of "controlled sketch" approach. I love working this way, getting lots of fine details, yet maintaining a certain simplicity and spontaneity to the image.

I've completed 2 illustrations, thus far: "The Dove of Venus" and "The Fool" (the later is inspired by the classical Rider-Waite Tarot, as many of you will recognize.)

Without further adue... here are the lovelies :

"The Dove of Venus"
ink on paper, 26.2 x 19 cm
April 2013

"The Fool"
ink on paper, 26.2 x 19 cm
May 2013