24 wings and a whole lot of swirlydoos!

30 August 2013

"7-point Faerie Star", a work in process for Even Odd.
Phase 1
of the drawing process is well underway. I've a few more details to add (including the star!) and then it's on to coloured pencil...

Summer Roses

27 August 2013

I'm not much for summertime... but there is one thing that I adore, above all, about this season: ROSES! Maybe it's because I'm named for them, but I've always felt an affinity to roses; I love the way that they are both delicate and fierce at the same time.


The rose that lives its little hour is prized beyond the sculptured flower. "
- William C. Bryant

" There is nothing more difficult for a truly creative painter than to paint a rose, because before he can do so he has first to forget all the roses that were ever painted." - Henri Matisse

All her lovely companions Are faded and gone."

Fan Art (Dr. Who, The Wizard of Oz, Game of Thrones) Sketches

25 August 2013

Sketchy sketch time! 
Yep, I'm a Whovian, and I'm also addicted to Game of Thrones... <3

Doctor Who :
Billie Piper, as Rose Tyler
(graphite on paper)
( Rose has the craziest chunky eyelashes, ever )
... I've got a mind to sketch the Doctor, soon.

The Wizard of Oz :  
Judy Garland as Dorothy, with Toto
(graphite on paper)

Game of Thrones : 
Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen, The Mother of Dragons
(graphite on paper)

 I hope to see her on the Iron Throne one day.

... what fandoms do you hail from?

Odin : Finished !

24 August 2013

black coloured pencil on A4 paper
22 & 23 August 2013

I like the way the metalic shine came out, on his crown.

 I loved drawing all of these wrinkles!

(The runic alphabet)

I got a bit stressed about the ravens. I wanted to keep them dark black, but still show some dimention in the feathers... I kept reminding myself : "don't overshade! don't overshade!"

 Of course, the knotwork in the wolves was tricky, but I'm pleased with the results. Actually, I think drawing the braids in his beard were more difficult than the knotwork. It's weird, how sometimes you think it's going to be simple, and then it turns out to be a stress-test, and something you think is going to be a nightmare actually goes smoothly. Art never fails to surprise me!

Odin : a work in progress

22 August 2013

I've been working on a coloured pencil portrait of Odin  (another illustration for the book, Even Odd.)

When I first started doing sketches, he was looking more like a wizard or a psycho Santa Claus, and I got so frustrated that I nearly gave up... then, the night before last, I woke up in the wee hours, and a whole new composition hit me! Right after breakfast, I set to work, and everything was coming together nicely.

The moral of the story is: Don't give up! Trust it. Sleep on it... until it's ready to show you how it's supposed to look.

Beginning... measuring, sketching, planning...

Added his pair of ravens and some clothing details...

The runic alphabet,Yggdrasil (the Tree of Life), and more details to his crown ...

 Sketched in his pair of wolves as knotwork...
Colouring and defining with black coloured pencil...

... the saga continues...

Scrap Paper Sketches

Scrap paper, that I used while making some greeting cards, to protect my desk from the inks...
Why throw it away? And so, doodles happened....