Chateau Rocher

11 April 2014

 "Chateau Rocher"
watersoluable crayon on A4 paper

Another painting in my recent series of local land/cityscapes.

Chateau Rocher is just a ruin now, tucked away in a hidden corner of the Auvergne, looming over a tree crested valley, ever a steadfast sentinel of stone. I was here, a few years ago, would like to go back again ...

This place is so magical; the rocks actually sparkle with natural mica glitter!

Portrait: "Tori Amos (revving from a central source)"

 "Tori Amos (revving from a central source)"
water-soluable crayons, watercolour, and graphite on paper

I'm super excited about Tori's new album (Unrepentant Geraldines, which hits the shelves next month!) So, I went a big listening binge, and about an hour into the playlist, I came to Suede (from To Venus and Back), and when it got the line "revving, yes, revving from a central source," it just shouted, "Paint me!" ... so I did.

I wanted to show sexually-charged, fluidic energy...
 a flow of motion, like a the feeling of an engine revving up...
a little off-kilter, a little haphazard...
 lots of purples and some lagoon blues...
a sort of lucid dream space...

I went digging through some photos and found a few to use as references, put the song on repeat, and then I let this painting exploded out of my brushes!

"... anybody knows, you can conjure anything by the dark of the moon ... "

Cathedral (II)

Via a commission, this is a revisiting of the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de l’Assomption.
It's a slightly softer, and larger version of my previous painting (found here.)

"Cathédrale Notre-Dame de l’Assomption de Clermont-Ferrand (II)"

Water-soluable crayon and watercolour on paper

This is my fav bit:

La Fée Verte

06 April 2014

"La Fée Verte"
(water-soluable crayons, watercolour, graphite, and ink on A4 paper)
Like a lucid dream at twylight, emerging from an absinthe glass,
 La Fée Verte awakens from her slumber.

Stemming from the 19th century, La Fée Verte (French, for "The Green Fairy") is a popular euphemism for absinthe.

I'm an infrequent drinker, but absinthe is one of my favourites. 
I'm fond of both the flavour and its digestive qualities, and it does, as purported, induce a sort of lucid drunkenness, which makes it an excellent companion to late-night painting and musical swoons.

“Absinthe is the only decent drink that suits an artist."
-Paul Gauguin 

Study in Red

A spontaneous painting doodle . . .
(water soluable crayon on A4 paper)

 This is my favourite part... I'm considering cropping the painting, to just this section:


05 April 2014

I'm painting again . . .

This painting comes after a long month of rest, reflection,  and regeneration.

Lately, my chronic health issues have been an upward battle, and it's not so surprising that I've been feeling depressed and depleated (since my mother's death, in November) so it seems I've had no will to communicate with my painterly muses, or, perhaps, they have been giving me a little time to myself.

Through the month of March, I did a lot of introspection about growth. No doubt, the spring buds and cherry blossoms have had a hand in this... but, growth, rebirth, and reinvention of the self have much been on my mind of late.

(more pictures below the cut. . . )