My Interview with Lucy Chen

31 May 2014

I was recently interviewed by (amazing painter!) Lucy Chen, where we discussed painting,  personal inspiration,  my love of mythology,  creating one's own personal dictionary of symbols,  the catharsis and confidence that comes from painting from the "inside-out",  and my book Garden of Illumination.

 Lucy Chen Fine Art:
 Painting for an Expressive Living

LOVE TRIANGLE (detail, self-portrait) © Lucy Chen,
 39.4"x21.7"x1", oil on linen. Artist's Collection

Video interview + mp4 audio downloads:

Famous Graves in Pére-Lechaise Cemetery, Paris

24 May 2014

Last weekend, I went with some friends, on a photo tour of Pére-Lachaise, the big, famous cemetery in Paris. We found several celebrity graves:

 Oscar Wilde:
(author and playwright)

Meeting Tori Amos + the concert in Paris

22 May 2014

Last Saturday, on 17 May, I took the train up to Paris to rendez-vous with friends, and then to (hopefully) meet Tori Amos and see the show at Le Grand Rex.

Luckily, there was a meet-&-greet that day (the first in Paris since 2009!) so I had the opportunity to tell her how much I LOVE the new record (Unrepentant Geraldines), as well as get an autograph (to me and my husband, on the song lyrics for Selkie,) and I gave her two gifts: a painting, and a copy of my book....