Château Lieujean (vin rouge)

11 November 2014

 Château Lieujean (vin rouge)
acrylic on canvas
November 2014
(one of a set of two commissioned wine paintings) 

Painting glass is always a challenge!
 I'm really pleased with this one, and I think it's the best glass I've painted, yet.

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Ashre Ashre (portrait of Tori Amos)

"Ashre Ashre"
a portrait of Tori Amos
chalk pastel on tinted A4 paper
11 November 2014

Inspired by the song Muhammed, My Friend, from the album Boys For Pele.

As I was drawing, the lyrics  "ashre, ashre, ashre ..." and "Moses I know, I know you've seen fire, but you've never seen fire, until you've seen Pele blow!" kept coming into my head. I sang as I worked, and I tried to bring a fiery glow into the drawing, in keeping with Pele's energy.

Yesterday, I bought a block of tinted pastel paper... Canson... beautiful... sumptuous texture... how could I not dive right in?! It's been a long time (omg, years!.. really? yes!) since I worked on tinted paper. It's so different to work lights into darks, rather than the other way around, and it really forces me to approach my drawing from a totally different part of my brain.

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Leaving Terra (portrait of Tori Amos)

"Leaving Terra"
a portrait of Tori Amos
chalk pastel on tinted A4 paper
10 November 2014

Inspired by the song Scarlet's Walk (from the album of the same name).
Yesterday, I was listening to this album and, as always, it was reaching into my heart and stiring things up... the colours of red clay earth always come to mind when I hear it, so I went to them in the studio, and we had a visual conversation.

This drawing helped to remind me everything about why I love chalk pastels.

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Ceramic Cemetery Portraits (Cimetière des Carmes)

03 November 2014

 J'adore these ceramic cemetery portraits. They are so beautiful and touching.
 I love them best of all when they are faded or cracked in interesting ways. 
When I die, I hope to have one on my tombstone.

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Crucifixes in Cimetière des Carmes

1st November 2014. 
A stroll through the graveyard on The Day of the Dead.
Cimetière des Carmes, Clermont-Ferrand, France

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A Stroll Through the Graveyard (Day of the Dead 2014)

A visit to my favourite local cemetery 
(Cimetière des carmes, in Clermont-Ferrand, France)
 on The Day of the Dead, 1st November 2014.

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WWI Memorial, Cimetiére des Carmes, France

02 November 2014

Fresh flowers for the Day of the Dead (1st November)...
The setting sun casting its golden light on the relief of solders, carrying a fallen man...
The memorial reads, "For our glorious dead 1914 - 1918"


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Angels in Cimetiére des Carmes, Clermont-Ferrand France

 1st November is the Day of the Dead, and for the occasion, I went to my favourite local cemetery, to visit the west corner, which I had not yet seen. I discovered two beautiful angels, one in bronze, and another in marble. The light was lovely, as the sun began to set, throwing pink and gold light on the black lava stones.

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Happy Halloween


Much to my joy, we actually had 10 trick-or-treaters this year!
 (Halloween is still a new phenomenon in France.) 

After our delicious roasted pumpkin feast, we took loads of pics (thanks much to David Helsten for taking our couples shots!) and then settled in to Hitchock's Psycho on bluray (sooo good!)

I hope you had a delightfully spooky Halloween!

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Hallowe'en (autoportrait series)

01 November 2014

I have a new hair colour...
A mix of Crazy Color violette, bordeaux, and vermillion. (I love it!)

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Fruit of the Dead (autoportait series)

 In Ancient Greek mythology, the pomegranate was known as the "fruit of the dead", and believed to have sprung from the blood of Adonis.

The myth of Persephone, the goddess of the underworld, prominently features the pomegranate. Persephone was kidnapped by Hades and taken off to live in the underworld as his wife.  It was the rule of the Fates that anyone who consumed food or drink in the underworld was doomed to spend eternity there. Persephone had no food, but Hades tricked her into eating six pomegranate seeds while she was still his prisoner, so she was condemned to spend six months in the underworld every year.

( )

An autoportrait session on Halloween, featuring The Fruit of the Dead . . .

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