Mark Lanegan Band @ Lokerse Feesten (Lokeren, Belgium)

13 August 2015


I traveled to Belgium, staying with friends, and spent two evenings in Lokeren, at the Lokerse Feesten music festival. This was my first Lanegan show, and what an amazing show it was! They band was charged, communicative, and right on point. Mark, standing humble and fast to his mic, was totally focused into the music, and hypnotized us all with his signature honey-gravel croon. They played lots of my favs, including Gravedigger's Song, Floor of the Ocean, and Harborview Hospital.

My bestie and I were fortunate enough to stand at the front of the stage, 
and then get an autographs, after the show.

  Mark was surprisingly cheerful and smiley after the show (I was expecting his usual "I hate everybody" grumpy face that I've seen in friends' meet-&-greet photos). I told him that the show was awesome, that I love his music, and about how, being a Steel Valley (Ohio) girl, the new song Smokestack Magic really speaks to me, and gets me right in the heart. That made him beam and laugh, and then he happily wrote it on my poster (from the Imitations tour, because I wasn't keen on the new poster art) with an exclamation! next to his signature.

 I was a'floatin' on a rock & roll cloud.


    1. The Gravedigger's Song
    2. Harvest Home
    3. No Bells on Sunday
    4. Gray Goes Black
    5. Hit the City
    6. One Way Street
    7. Dry Iced
    8. Ode to Sad Disco
    9. Riot in My House
    10. Floor of the Ocean
    11. Harborview Hospital
    12. Black Rose Way (Screaming Trees song)
    13. Revival (Soulsavers cover)
    14. Methamphetamine Blues
And now, a ridiculous fucklot of photos from the concert & the post-show .......


 Mark arrives....


Post-show, signing autographs

Well played, Mr. Lanegan, sir. Well played, indeed.


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