Portrait of Marie-Ange

01 September 2015

Portrait of Marie-Ange
coloured pencil and ink, on paper
16 August - 1 September 2015

My dear friend, Emma (Marie-Ange), and I agreed to make portraits of each other, each in our own styles. We're both fans of symbolism, so it's no surprise that my portrait of her is loaded with it! 

Angel Wings: to represent her name

2 Black Cats: her furbabies

Turquoise-Green: Emma's favourite colour

Leo (zodiac symbol): her astrological sun sign

Rainbow: a prominent symbol, in her own artwork, used to express joy and hope

Roses: also a prominent symbol, in her own artwork, used to express of love and happiness 

Ivy in her hair: she's a fan of Kate Bush (Under The Ivy is her favourite song)

Golden Sacred Heart: she's a fan of Neil Young; represents his song Heart of Gold, and the music notes are from the line, "I wanna live, I wanna give"; I chose the image of a "sacred heart" (stemming from Catholic iconography) to underline her passion for music

Piano: she's a fan of Tori Amos (we met at one of her concerts)

Red Thread: (in her hand) represents her fav Tori Amos album, Scarlet's Walk

Books: she's an intellectual and an avid reader; the open book in her lap, creating a downward-pointing v, also represents feminine intuition and maternal wisdom

Eiffel Tower: Emma is Parisian

Wave: she loves the sea, and uses seaside imagery often, in her own artwork

Pencil and Brush: she is an artist and a mathematician

Lots of pics here.........